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10 Simple Steps to Mindfulness

About Damaris

Integrative Nurse Practitioner

 Damaris Maria Grossmann DNP FNP BSN, HNB-BC, CYN.  Rutgers Family Nurse Practitioner,  currently practices at in Emergency Room, Urgent care and in her  business.  Her Doctoral work focused  in integrative health and mindfulness techniques for anxiety and stress reduction for nurses, healthcare professionals, and with use of patient care. Over 15 years in the medical field with most of those years in Nursing  I am very  Passionate about Mindful Life  Investment and  Integrative Health. She has years of experience in the medical field from areas of military, trauma, rehabilitation, college health, community health and acute pediatric care. A US Navy Veteran served in the Global War on Terrorism in the military for almost six years and received a Navy Achievement Medal. Additionally, she studies integrative health to incorporate and facilitate her practices of Holistic modalities, in Yoga Therapy, meditation, and breathing with patient care, as a Board Certified Holistic Nurse and  as a Family Nurse Practitioner. She is compassionate and driven nurse leader!  

Navy Veteran, Speaker, Motivator, Advocate

Motivator, I  gained insight as a military veteran and life skills  of discipline and perseverance to grow better from within.

 International  Speaker for  military  women  veterans struggling with PTSD, Minority women, women entrepreneurs,  and Advocate to learn to Overcoming a  Disability and making it an All star Kick-ass Ability!!

Entrepreneur/ Mindful Investor

 A Mindful Investor of  Investments  in Your Health, Wealth & Life  Empower  and help women & others to building the life of their dreams by starting  from within.  I am a long time, Mindful Investor with Multifamily investments  and Co-Owner of company Mindful Assets LLC 

 I am  Mindful Investor working toward lifetime of legacy wealth and abundance  for my family and others.  

Live Life with Mindful Abundance 

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Mindful Assets




I am here to help with questions in integrative health , medical management, entrepreneurship & investments. I am here to help answer some of your health, life or mindful investments. 

Make Mindful Life Investments 

in Your Health,Wealth, & Life.

 Live  life with Mindful Abundance!! 



 Education Courses:

Variety of Medical   Course

 Integrative Health, 

Mindful Living & Investing 

Overcoming Your Disability

Self Care is Part of Your Life's Healthcare!

Connect with Love

Transform your Life

Empower  Yourself,  





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