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Facebook Community Group Guidelines

1.Before you speak or write your words-Thanks Laura for this-THINK

T-truthful H-helpful I-inspiring-N-Necessary K-Kind

Social Media Weekly

You are welcome to participation As much or as little

Motivational Monday

Mantra Mondays

HealthyTips Tuesdays

Business Tuesday- Promotional tusday trulia

Wellness Warrior Wednesday

Thankful Thursday- Thank so today  of whom you are grateful

Transformational Thursaday

Fortunate Friday- y Fortunate business ventures orany businesss items you would like to promote

Satya Sutra Saturday-Satya-Truth Sutra -Stich – Send statements of truth of self fo bring stiches in expansion conscientiousness. Bring word or thoughts to help guide you & others to more

Smart Stuff Saturday

Strength & Peace  Sunday= Describe you strength