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Wellness Packages 

  • 1-1 Sessions

  • Choose a Lecture, Class or Wellness Packages

  • Corporate Wellness Programs

  • Guest Speaking

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  1. Art of Caring Yoga Nursing®  Annette Tersigni-Yoga Nurse Yoga Nursing™ is a simple, effective and heartfelt system that helps relieve pain and suffering for clients while also reducing exhaustion, stress and burnout for caregivers. Accredited program By American Holistic Nursing Association-
  2. Peaceful Warriors Series™ Balanced Within Your Strength, Peace & Resilience for PTSD, Military  & Trauma Survivors
  3. Strength & Surrender™– Yoga Flow and Restorative Class
  4. Power Healing ,Powerful Living™- Powerful Foods, Prana,Postures, & Presence for Powerful Living
  5. Meditation Awareness™-Simple Steps toward the  path of a Calm Mind
  6. Building A Better Back ™, Prevention, Postures,& Emotions
  7. Holistic Health Approaches for Optimal Wellness™
  8. Brain & Body Wellness™- Wellness Program- Strengthening the Brain (Alzheimhers, Dementia,Improve Concentration)
  9. Strength Within™ _Finding your Centered Inner Voice to Succeed in Life
  10. Getting Rid of the Drama & Release the Psoas Trauma™ ,
  11. Holding the Weight Of Others™ – Neck & Shoulders
  12. Endocrine System & Healing™  Chakras Energy
  13. Inflammation Intuition A Gut Feeling ™ –Inflammation ,Digestives Wellness Emotions.(IBS, Stress, Reflux) . Natural Remedies
  14. Pranayama Breathe PowerForce™ – Breathe within, Natural Remedies
  15. Happy Healthy Heart™  Cardiovascular lecture, Natural Health Therapies
  16. Ergonomic Health™-back, neck eyes, hands & Wrists 
  17. Grounded  Within™ – Importance of Foundation, Feet & Established Self
  18. Lets Be Mindful in™  ...(Workplace,Nurse,HealthCare ,Corporate,Daily,)
  19. Holistic Health Lifestyle–   Wellness Coaching for a Happy, Healthy & Holistic Life
  20. Finding your Freedom -Unraveling the Layers of Suffering
  21. Faith Based Lectures-Religiosity/ Heart Centered /Faith Based Nursing

Traditional Lectures 

  1. Sepsis & Shock Management 
  2.  Asthma Management In Pediatric Patient:  A family Affair of Education and Treatment
  3. Evaluating Patients with Altered Mental Status/ Delirium
  4. Understanding Pediatric Developmental Disabilities
  5. Trauma Primary & Secondary Survey
  6. The Community Health /Empowered Health Initiative


Wellness Workshop-

Nurse Therapeutic Series Packge

Join us for this wonderful event. Each week we will explore,  different elements within the body. Ways to  Gain Strength, Ways for Healing , & Help  Balance to Restore the Body.

Using strap/therapy equipment/& yoga blocks.





Week5-Head & Neck

Week6-Total Body

Building a Better Back

Building Better Back:Holistic Health & Yoga Therapy Prevention, Posture & Emotions

4 Hour –2 Day -Price Varies

HC Wellness  Therapeutic & Meditation 

4 Health Care Professionals/Yoga Therapist/Social Workers & Anyone interested in Integrative Therapeutics in Body

Sections Training & Workshops

Full Training- ( 1 week/ 1 month  )TBA

( Manual by End of Year):)

HC Wellness – Nurse Therapeutics Integrative Health in The Body 

  • Respiratory-Asthma etc

  • Cardiovascular/Circulatory-BP,cardiac Rehab

  • Muscular-skeletal-Back.Neck,shoulders

  • Nervous System-anxiety/depression/TBI

  • Endocrine-Chakras

  • Digestive-IBS/

  • Reproductive

  • Allergy & Immunology


Package 1

Format : no sweat -15 meditation 15 min simple movements

Class time: 30 min 2xweek

Equipment-regular clothes, chair or mat , towel

Space/People– Varies upon area.

Package 2

Format: 10min meditation 35 min Strengthening asana class (modified to class ) 15min Flexibility & Restore

Class Time: 1 hour class

Equipment: – You can bring your own mats & towel  or We can Bring studio to you , mats, block, props, straps, bands, balls.

Space-Varies Upon area

Package 3

Health Evaluation Survey & Therapy

Format : Group Small yoga therapy 30 min class & 15 min restorative poses with meditation

Class Time: 45min session

Equipment:- Workout comfortable clothes , You can bring your own towel and mat or  We can Bring studio to you , mats, blocks, props, straps, bands, balls

Space Varies Upon Area

An opportunity to book individual yoga therapy session Certified Yoga  Nurse Damaris Maria Grossmann Or Yoga Therapist

Package 5

Online  Gentle Yoga ,  

Class time– Varies

Equipment: mat , towel

Pay per session

Package 6

 Online Google Helpout or Google  HAngout

Class time-Varies

Equipment – mat & comfortable clothes

Pay per session online


Healthyoga™ Workshops Or Lecture 

Taking Yoga Wellness and incorporating techniques 

pAHealthyoga™, Strengthening : Healing,  Nourish


  • 1 hourStrength Asana Class ,

  • 45min Healing & Restorative poses,


Class time : 2- 3 hours

Equipment: Mats, Towel, workout clothes

Space: Varies upon space

Workshop 2  – Power Yoga Poses for Success- Building Your confidence from within

Type: Power  poses sequences, 10 min meditation, Power poses Yoga Scientific  research based sequence.  Simple Techniques for balancing, Stress Response , cortisol, and hormones to establish a more confidence &  successful life

Class time: Type A 30 min  Type B -45min- Workout

Equipment – Workout clothes , You can bring your own towel and mat or  We can Bring studio to you , mats, blocks, props, straps, bands, balls

Type A Chair , Mat, Towel , regular clothes.

Type B – Workout clothes, chair, mat, towel

Space: In conference room or varied space


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