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In yoga there is a union of parts an engagement of the mind body & spirit. I started working on this blog and business ideas few years ago. I am so passionate with Yoga,  Health & Wellness. Everywhere I had looked almost Yoga & health but the never combined. In truth Health & yoga are so interconnected la .symbiotic relationship. What is is symbiosis mean well in Yoga we call it union  yoking of life together. In life the union of two items with similiar relationships.  These two were meant to be placed together and hopefully a new webster dictionary word at one time. 🙂  I am always grateful to my teachers for guidance and being my catlyst for a better healthy life. Annettte Tersigni the Yoga Nurse She was my guiding grace to help me bring my two passions and collaborate them into one.  My great teacher Jody Domerstad for always helping me overcome  to see challenges ,  look to  an offering or  a blessing.



Written by Damaris Maria

Damaris Maria