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Damaris Maria Grossmann 

Damaris Maria Grossmann DNP FNP-C, HNB-BC, CYN, Doctor of Family Nurse Practice & Certified in Integrative Health, YogaNurse® and over 800 hours in Medical Yoga Therapy. Expanding Consciousness In Healthcare. From Sick Care to Self Care! As a Nurse Practitioner , I am here to help Connect YOU to Better Health from the inside out. I help YOU, by incorporating, the use of Integrative Health Care Therapeutics ,Yoga Therapy, Strength Techniques,& Positive Affirmations. We work on building YOUR Self Care Wellness Bank with Stress Management Tools , Meditation & Breath work & Healthcare Management. 

Navy Veteran, Speaker, Motivator, Advocate

Motivator, I gained insight as a military veteran and life skills of discipline and perseverance to grow better from within. International  Speaker for  military  women  veterans struggling with PTSD, Minority women, women entrepreneurs on a variety of topics. In addition, an advocate to learn to Overcoming a  Disability and making it an All star Kick-ass Ability!!

Entrepreneur/Mindful Investor

 A Mindful Investor of  Investments  in Your Health, Wealth & Life  Empower  and help women & others to building the life of their dreams by starting  from within.  I am a long time, Mindful Investor with Multifamily investments  and Co-Owner of company Mindful Assets LLC. I am  Mindful Investor working toward lifetime of legacy wealth and abundance  for my family and others.  Live Life with Mindful Abundance #mindfulinvestors #mindfulassets  #mindfulabundance

Our Why to Mindful Health & Life

 We strive to help you improve your quality of life, achieve your wellness goals, and heal your body to live your best life possible.  We are very passionate about helping undeserved populations with Mindful Healing and access to  health care throughout the world.  


Meaning: Peaceful Warrior Symbol

Center of the Heart is a  Peaceful Warrior Pose, Lotus Flower Symbolizes Connection and Balance of Mind Body & Spirit. Heart stethoscope to always Lead with the Heart as a Health Care Provider for others and self. I am here to help to guide my patients to decrease them from stress, anxiety and connect them  toward better Self Care.  Teach STRENGTH Within to find more Peace, Love & Wisdom to have a more Mindful Abundant Life. 

Mindful Investors

Live Your Life full of Mindful Abundance!

Damaris G.


Integrative DNP/Veteran/Peaceful Warrior/

Mindful Investor/Speaker/CYN

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Damaris Maria Grossmann DNP FNP HNB-BC CYN

Email: info@damariamaria.com

Phone: (732)-355-3469


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