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Damaris Professionalism

  • Complete Authenticity. Fun and complete Integrity. 
  • Arrives Early & Starts on Time
  • Consultation done prior to event of expectation and needs of the event
  • Pre/Post Briefing of the Event for Feedback & Improvements
  • Online: Test Run to check smooth event
  • Complete & Transparent  Communication

Things to Consider

  • Contract for Speaking Event 
  • Cancellation Notification in advance
  • Located Rutherford NJ
  • Travel & Hotel  to be Included with Speaking Cost
  • If event close proximity then other arrangements can be considered

Event Topics-(Inquire More Options Available)

Presentation Types: (Didactic, Experimental, Mixed ,Online, Webinar, Case Study, Yoga , Mindful classes)

  • Be A Mindful Investor Live a Life Of Mindful Abundance
  •  Powerful healing for your Life Powerful thoughts/Foods/Prana/Postures
  • Heart of Caring Yoga Nursing 
  • Meditation Awareness-Simple Steps toward the path of a Calm Mind
  • Building A Better Back , Prevention, Postures,& Emotions
  • Holistic Health Approaches for Optimal Wellness Connecting the dots in social media 
  •  Strength Within _Finding your Inner Voice to Succeed in Life
  •  Strength & Surrender Classes – Flow & Restorative Class 
  • Happy Healthy Heart cardio vascular lecture 
  • Psychoneuroimmunology 
  • Primary Survey Disaster Preparedness Nursing


Damaris G.


 Integrative DNP/Veteran

Peaceful Warrior/Mindful Investor/


Connect Here

Damaris Maria Grossmann DNP FNP HNB-BC CYN

Email: info@damarismaria.com

Phone/Text: 732-355-3469


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