Damaris Maria Grossmann

Doctor of Nursing
Family Nurse Practitioner
Integrative Family Health

Medical Services

Please note the following:

  • We are able to see any patient physically present in the State of  New Jersey, NY and FL at the time of the video visit. Worldwide,Nationwide Just Consultations.
  • We are NOT able to prescribe any controlled substances, including stimulants, benzodiazepines, Ambien and/or similar anti-anxiety/sleeping pills (due to Federal laws regarding those medications requiring in-person visits).
  • Dr. Damaris Grossmann is Out of Network for most Insurance. We will provide you with a bill if necessary. 
  •  NPI-1114320710
  • NJ License APRN-26NJ00848400,
  • NY APRN 343616, 
  • FL-APRN-11001035
  • (TX,PA,CA,AZ,CT)- Coming Soon License)
  •  Please submit to your insurance. CPT Code-95453 
  • Please fill out  out your CMS 1500 form Here
  • Download Form Here
  •  Instruction to fill form Here Then  you may submit to your insurance. 
  • We will collect payment at the time of service via online payment, credit card, Stripe or Pay pal. 

Thank you so much for considering, 

Dr. Damaris Grossmann Family Nurse Practitioner for your Consultation & Healthcare Needs Contact/ Text 24/7 at  (732)-355-3469

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