YogaNurse Medical Yoga Teacher Training for Nurses

Create a global army of modern nightingales, YogaNurse Yoga Teachers,
to expand consciousness in health care; relieve stress, anxiety, pain and
suffering and create health, peace and wisdom for nurses and all whom
they serve.

YogaNurse Yoga Teacher Training (YNYTT) unites the ancient wisdom of
yoga with the science of modern nursing. This training is inspired by the
vision of Florence Nightingale, who affirmed the “role of a nurse is to put
her patient in the best position to be able to self-heal”.
Nursing is defined by caring. The purpose of the YNYTT is to help nurses
to potentiate the authentic caring, healing energy which flows from
intentionality into an integrated trinity of body, mind and spirit.

"You asked for it. We listened. Here it is.
With so much love.”

Different from other programs, the YNYTT is the first yoga teachertraining which exclusively trains nurses, by nurses, who are both
experienced Yoga Teachers and Certified YogaNurses.

Nurses are licensed medical professionals who speak a specific language encompassing education and experiences which only other nurses can understand and relate to. The YNYTT syllabus carefully addresses the unique needs and language of the nursing profession

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